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If you are a resident of Pennsylvania, finding an agency that offers all of your insurance needs is easy when you call the Paul Insurance Agency, LLC.

Residential Insurance Options

At Paul Insurance Agency, LLC, we offer many types of residential insurance options for our clients. Homeowners have access to home insurance. While it is not required by the state of Pennsylvania, mortgage lenders and banks require it for home loans until they have matured.

Those who do not own the current residence but rent them from a landlord have access to renter’s insurance. While it is not required, it does protect personal property belonging to the renter in the event of a tragedy and damage befalls their personal belongings.

Commercial Insurance Options

If you are a business owner in the state of Pennsylvania, you do have a couple of insurance requirements by law. Any business with two or more employees is required to carry worker's compensation coverage as a way to protect employees who may get hurt on the property and need medical attention. There is also a variety of liability protection for property, income, and asset protection for your commercial business.

Personal Insurance Options

All of our clients have access to several types of personal insurance options. For those that own one or motorcycles, we have a coverage plan that gives them the protection they need during collisions and storage of the bike. Some of our clients enjoy life out on the water in Pennsylvania, making boat and watercraft insurance essential for their protection.

Life insurance is another option that is readily available to our clients. This policy is more for their loved ones as opposed to them. Life insurance provides financial relief to those who depend on you financially at the time of your passing.

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If you are interested in any of the insurance mentioned above, give our agents at Paul Insurance Agency, LLC a call today for more information.