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Motorcycle Insurance

As you plan your road trip through Pennsylvania or even neighboring states on your motorcycle, we want you to have the ultimate protection from Paul Insurance Agency, LLC. We offer more than the required coverage so that you can get all of the protection you are entitled to in the event of a disaster.

Required Liability Coverage

Any automobile or motorcycle that is registered in Pennsylvania is required to carry a minimum insurance policy of liability coverage. Liability is used when you are the responsible party of a collision or accident, causing property damage, bodily injury, or both to another party. While the minimum amounts are required, your liability coverage can be altered to include higher amounts for your financial protection.

Collision Coverage

Although it is required that all drivers and registered motorcycles carry liability coverage, that does not mean everyone complies with the law. If your motorcycle is involved in an accident with an uninsured driver, your collision coverage will provide you the financial assistance you need for the damages to your bike and whatever bodily harm that you or passengers may have experienced. This coverage is not required in Pennsylvania but is highly recommended so that you can always be protected in an accident.

Comprehensive Coverage

Like automobiles, motorcycles are stored at home or in a storage facility when they are not being used. They can become the victim of theft or vandalism, causing damages or an entire replacement if they cannot be recovered. With comprehensive coverage, the damage done to your motorcycle can be compensated. You can also use this coverage to replace your bike if it is damaged beyond repair or stolen and not recovered.

Get the Coverage You Need Today

If you own a motorcycle in Pennsylvania, drive it knowing you have the security of motorcycle insurance. Call our agents at Paul Insurance Agency, LLC today for more information and get a personal quote.

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