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Renting your home has so many great perks. Avoiding property taxes, high maintenance expenses, and homeowner's insurance is very appealing to renters. However, many renters fail to realize that insurance is something renters should be thinking about. At Paul Insurance Agency, LLC, serving Pennsylvania, we love taking the opportunity to help our clients better understand insurance topics such as these. Keep reading to learn more about renter's insurance.

Who Needs Renter's Insurance?

Anyone who rents their home, apartment, or condominium should consider purchasing renter's insurance. Renter's insurance is a type of insurance product that will protect renters if their home is damaged or burglarized. Renter's insurance should be considered a type of investment you are making. Protecting your possessions will ensure that you are not left financially damaged in the future.

What Does Renter's Insurance Cover?

Renter's insurance is designed to cover a renter's personal possessions within the home. Your landlord will have a homeowner's policy in place to protect the physical residence and property in the event of damage. This type of policy, however, will not protect your possessions. In the event of damage or burglary, you would need to repair or replace your belongings out of your pocket. This can leave you financially vulnerable.

Things To Consider

When purchasing renter's insurance, it is essential that you evaluate the value of your personal belongings thoroughly. This evaluation will ensure that you purchase a policy that will sufficiently cover your belongings. You should consider the value of your furniture, electronics, jewelry, collectibles, and anything else you consider valuable.

If you would like to learn more about renter's insurance, please contact our friendly staff at Paul Insurance Agency, LLC, serving Pennsylvania.

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